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Open Data Initiative for Financial Data

Open Data

The Deep Audit API is an open data initiative that enables publicly available company financial data to be easily accessible. Using open data standards and a cloud-based application programming interface (API), anyone can retrieve detailed financial information from over 20,000 companies.

Data is extracted from corporate financial reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission using XBRL. The information is provided "as filed" and has not been verified for accuracy.

The data is meant to be used by a wide variety of interested parties, such as:

  • Investors
    Use the financial data to determine the strength of a company's finances and compare financial ratios with industry peers.
  • Companies
    Access the financial statements of your competitors to determine your competitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Auditors
    Discover accounting descrepencies and compare data to other companies in the same industry.
  • Government Agencies
    Obtain industry-wide company statistics and compare numbers over multiple time periods.

The best part.. it's free
If you're looking to pay for public data, there are a number of providers more than happy to assist you. Since this is an open data project, there is no charge for accessing the Deep Audit API, but there are rate limits in place to ensure everyone has consistent access to the service.


The Deep Audit API is based on REST. An application key is required to access the API and it can be obtained by contacting us. Responses from the API are returned in either JSON or XML formats, depending on your preference.

Once signed up, you will have full access to all of our company information and financial data. To ensure stable access for all users, there is a default rate limit in place, but the limits can be increased to suit your needs.


All API requests must be made over HTTPS, since any calls made over HTTP will return an error. Authentication must be made for all calls and must include both your assigned username and authentication key. Be sure not to expose your authentiction key in any publicly accessible code.

To authenticate your request, you can either specify an Authorization header or pass the username/api_key combination as GET/POST parameters.

# As a header
# Format is ``Authorization: ApiKey :
Authorization: ApiKey daniel:204db7bcfafb2deb7506b89eb3b9b715b09905c8

# As GET params

Rate Limit

Eash authorization key is limited to 500 requests per hour. Once this limit has been exceeded, an error will be returned. If you find yourself reaching the limit, please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.

Fetch Data

Company Details

The Deep Audit API gives you detailed information for any of the more than 20,000 companies in the database. To locate a specific company, use either its trading symbol or Central Index Key (CIK).




  "objects": [
      "baph": "(408) 996-10", 
      "bas1": "ONE INFINITE LOOP", 
      "cik": 320193, 
      "cityba": "CUPERTINO", 
      "countryba": "US", 
      "countryinc": "US", 
      "ein": 942404110, 
      "name": "APPLE INC", 
      "sic": 3571, 
      "stprba": "CA", 
      "stprinc": "CA", 
      "symbol": "AAPL", 
      "zipba": "95014"
cikCentral Index Key (CIK). Ten digit number assigned by the SEC to each registrant that submits filings
nameName of company.
sicStandard Industrial Classification (SIC) . Four digit code assigned by the SEC, indicating the registrant’s type of business
countrybaThe ISO 3166 - 1 country of the registrant's business address.
stbrbaThe state or province of the registrant’s business address, if field countryba is US or CA.
citybaThe city of the registrant's business address.
zipbaThe zip code of the registrant’s business address.
bas1The first line of the street of the registrant’s business address.
bas2The second line of the street of the registrant’s business address.
baphThe phone number of the registrant’s business address.
countryincThe country of incorporation for the registrant.
stprinc The state or province of incorporation for the registrant, if countryinc is US or CA.
ein Employee Identification Number, 9 digit identification number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to business entities operating in the United States


The Deep Audit API gives you easy access to the financial data contained in annual and quarterly statements filed with the SEC. You can narrow your request to specific fiscal years and periods. To get a specific value, you can provide either an XBRL tag (ex. tag=SalesRevenueNet) or choose one of the commonly used tags mapped by Deep Audit to each companies custom tags (ex. item=Revenue)




  "objects": [
      "company": {
        "cik": 320193, 
        "fp": "FY", 
        "fy": 2010, 
        "name": "APPLE INC", 
        "period": "20100925", 
        "symbol": "AAPL"
      "plabel": "Net sales", 
      "stmt": "IS", 
      "tag": "SalesRevenueNet", 
      "item": "Revenue", 
      "uom": "USD", 
      "value": "65225000000.0000"
cikCentral Index Key (CIK). Ten digit number assigned by the SEC to each registrant that submits filings
fyFiscal Year Focus (ex. 2015)
fpFiscal Period Focus within Fiscal Year. The 10-Q for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters would have a fiscal period focus of Q1, Q2, and Q3 respectively, and a 10-K would have a fiscal period focus of FY.
nameName of company
periodBalance Sheet Date (Format: yymmdd)
symbolCompany's trading symbol
plabelThe text presented on the line item, also known as a “preferred” label
stmtThe financial statement: BS = Balance Sheet, IS = Income Statement, CF = Cash Flow
tagThe XBRL tag chosen by the filer for this line item
item We have mapped XBRL tags to common line items to ease the comparison of data between companies. You can see the list of items here
uom The unit of measure for the value (ex. USD)
value The value of the line item to four decimal places.
Line Items
revenue RevenueIncome Statement
costsales Cost of salesIncome Statement
grossprofit Gross profitIncome Statement
depr Depreciation & amortizationIncome Statement
sgadmin Selling, general & adminIncome Statement
randd Research & developmentIncome Statement
opexpense Total operating expensesIncome Statement
opincome Operating incomeIncome Statement
intexpense Interest expenseIncome Statement
pretaxinc Income before taxesIncome Statement
taxprov Provision for income taxesIncome Statement
netincome Net incomeIncome Statement
epsb Earnings per share (basic)Income Statement
epsd Earnings per share (diluted)Income Statement
sharesb Shares outstandingIncome Statement
sharesd Shares Outstanding (diluted)Income Statement

Request a Key

To access the Deep Audit API, you require an authorization key. You can request one by completing the form below.